Company Conference

– Milan, Italy

We were contracted for full event management of our client’s annual conference for internal staff from all of their global offices. The client requested Milan as the location and despite availability in the city being limited for the time of year, we were able to secure the Milan Congress Centre for our event and two hotels for accommodation.

The event was held over three days and featured a number of breakout sessions held on a rotation basis, a welcome dinner and an Awards Gala Dinner; attendees coming from 36 countries including the UK, Australia, Korea and Romania.

On each of the meeting days, we arranged two full size coaches at each hotel to transport attendees to and from the Congress Centre.

Upon arrival on the first day, attendees registered at the welcome desk where they were given a name badge, agenda and branded power-charger. They also received instructions on how to register for the meeting app that was built for the conference.

The main plenary was set for 200 cabaret with a stage, lighting and branded signage; due to the AV requirements, we used a preferred supplier who travelled with us from the UK. The meeting app was used for audience response and voting during the meeting and attendees also used it to upload their own pictures and give feedback on each session.

The conference was attended by our clients’ Director and other VIPs and there were also three guest speakers that attended so we arranged for executive cars to transport them to and from the venue.

A welcome buffet dinner was held on the first evening at one of the hotels and the Awards Gala Dinner was held on the second evening, which was a three-course meal.

As with all meetings and especially one with such a large number of attendees there were a number of special dietary requests that had to be catered for and we worked closely with the venues to ensure that these were all adhered to.


“This is great news about the dinner cost – well done on the negotiations and thank you for all your support with this year’s conference”